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The PU Circuit is back for 2024! The circuit will have 5 tournaments where top placing players will earn leaderboard points to try to make the cut to compete in the PU Circuit Playoffs at the end of the year and earn themselves a ribbon (
) on their badgeset. This year, we've reworked the schedule but kept the same tournaments. We will also update this post once we figure out Swiss (with playoffs) scoring, but you can expect the same thing as last year for every other tour.

Here's the schedule!!

PU Winter Seasonal: Signups January 15th
PU Ladder Tour: Qualifying rounds starting March 24th
PU Open: Signups May 6th*
PU Classic: SWSH & SM signups July 7th -> ORAS & BW signups July 14th -> DPP & ADV signups July 21st -> Playoffs in early-September
PU Swiss (with playoffs!): Signups September 15th

We're looking for hosts, so if you'd be interested in hosting any of these, please reach out to me! Feel free to do so if you have any questions as well

*might still change, but not it's not up to us
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